How DCWaleDesi Has Impacted Their Lives

In December 2019, DCWaleDesi launched our very first apparel line in collaboration with Rootsgear Clothing. What started as a passion project in 2004, Rootsgear Clothing has blossomed into the dopest marketplace for South-Asian inspired streetwear.

For this editorial photoshoot, the DCWaleDesi team chose a select few community members who have supported the community platform the most through their involvement.

The photoshoot took place at the Pike and Rose development in Rockville, Maryland.

Nehal Ali

What I like about DCWaleDesi is that it’s a great place for you to meet new people and look at different people’s talents. Help each other make the community bigger and a more friendly place for all us to live in. DCwaleDesi has helped me out by helping me find a group of people I can socialize with and have a great time with.

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Krish C

DcWaleDesi is one of the best trending social community which bring all the models, photographers, videographers, dancers, artists, and many more talented people and gives them a platform to explore the opportunities around you. Special thanks to Monica to help many people like me who are looking for opportunities and friends. I am happy to be a part of DCWaleDesi.

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Jason Kazi

Honestly, in the beginning, I wasn’t sure what creative direction DCWaleDesi would go in and how impactful it would become for me both socially and professionally. DCWaleDesi is a unique cultural platform in my view because unlike other platforms and organizations in the DC-MD-VA region we truly are inclusive. I am always striving to ensure that for our photoshoots, cultural events, and other initiatives we have representation from all eight countries in South Asia. I have taken my own initiative to make many friends and professional colleagues from the DCWaleDesi network. Being proud of where you come from (in my case as an American Born Cultured (Bangladeshi) Desi)) is truly the most liberating feeling in the world. Especially in these politically and socially divisive times, communities can only grow by accepting and embracing our cultural differences even within comparatively small regions like South Asia which is what DCWaleDesi allows me and allows our community members to do.

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Briyana Patel

To me, DcWaleDesi means community. It’s an avenue for me to get in touch with my roots and meet amazing people doing all sorts of fun activities! I feel so lucky to have a place to escape, a place that pushes me to step out of my comfort zone. A place that brings me closer to me! It gives all the Desis in our area a place to grow, learn, and make new friends. And then there’s Monica who is the glue who ties all of us together and if what she’s doing for us all isn’t the most beautiful thing I don’t know what is. Hit that follow button and come get to know the fam!

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Natasha Seam

DcWaleDesi has been an amazing platform for South Asians in the DMV area, allowing individuals to share/showcase their talents and passions. There is so much to learn from each person you meet through this platform. DWD has allowed me to meet so many people from the Desi community and build meaningful relationships which I probably wouldn’t have found elsewhere. Everyone brings their unique creative ideas whether it be through dancing, singing, photography, modeling, etc. I love how diverse it continues to become!

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Symbal Shahzadi

DcWaleDesi is a great platform for every single south Asian in the DMV. It keeps us all connected. It’s a great way to give all the talented people a platform where they can come out and feel comfortable. DcWaleDesi isn’t just a platform, it’s more like family. Giving us all the details and information we need to know about every South Asian event happening in the DMV area. Also, I thank DcWaleDesi for connecting me with some new amazing people, who have become very good friends of mine. So thank you, DcWaleDesi!!!

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Rubal Singh

DcWaleDesi has been vital in providing me a platform to showcase my talents, personality and most importantly helped me network with numerous influencers/collaborators; who are now my close friends.

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Rashi Thapar

DcWaleDesi has been something I was excited about ever since Monica first told me about it. It’s all about creating a community where people can come together, work together, and have fun together. I’ve met so many amazing, talented people through DcWaleDesi and I’m so thankful for it! 

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Clothing by: Rootsgear Clothing

Photography by: CH Photography